There are three (3) options available to cover loss and/or damages during your move.  If you wish to use Option 2  or  3, arrangements must be made at least 72 hours before the move begins.

OPTION 1 - STANDARD VALUATION:  All moves are automatically covered by the standard liability (valuation) for the industry, which is $0.60 per pound per article.  This amount will partially help you with costs to repair any damaged item, but not replaced it. Certain valuable items may not be adequately covered under this option.  BIG STAR MOVING has less than a 1% damage claim rate but it is recommended that insurance be purchased to cover valuable or delicate items.  We suggest you to move any small valuable or delicate item(s) yourself.

OPTION 2 - FULL COVERAGE:  If you would like full coverage protection, try or P.A.F Cargo Insurance or Baker International Insurance  (our Corporate ID# is 12992). Any of these reputable insurance agencies will quote you a price on-line or over the phone that covers up to 100% of the replacement value of your items, ask them for more details and for claim process, if you have paid and purchased for extra coverage.

OPTION 3 - HOME OWNER'S INSURANCE:   Your current home owner's insurance may already provide coverage for your move.  Please check your insurance policy to see if this coverage is provided to you.  Avoid purchasing extra insurance if you do not need it. Call your insurance agent directly for claim or coverage.

Regardless what coverage you have, since accidents can happen, even with the best and most careful of movers, we suggest you to wrap, pack and protect all delicate or breakable items with bubble wrap and place them in carton boxes prior the moving date to minimize any chance of damages or scratches during the move.